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PHP:是否有服务器端资源加载器? (像Mediawiki)[关闭]

Are there any Resource Loaders avaiable that works server-side? Is that called Ressource Loader? I like the Ressource Loader of Mediawiki very much. Is there a project to use their Ressource Loader standalone?

For me, a Ressource Loader is a script, that packs multible js-Files into one, compress them and cache them. Then send it to the client.

Edit:Something like assetic. Thanks for mentioning in the comments.

Thanks in advance!

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    dongpengyu1363 dongpengyu1363 2014-06-27 16:07

    I have found Minify. Assetic seems a bit complicated for me.

    Minify can:

    • Compress CSS and JS, there seems to be something for compressing HTML too.
    • You only need to change the urls for example /min/f=js.js instand of js.js

    But there is a bug. You have to remove every realpath(...)-function in /min/lib/Minify/Controller/MinApp.php.

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