dongza6247 2012-07-24 01:26
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I have a project in which i have to connect with user specified database. I want to implement it in a proper codeigniter's style but i dont know how can i do that codeigniter stores database credentials in a database.php file is there any way to make it dynamic. Or is there any other approach for achieving this? I have googled it but did not find anything helpful. Any help and suggestion would be appreciated.

The project is about reporting. I have a form in which i got the database login credentials and then generate the report about their database everything would be done on runtime.

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  • duandaiqin6080 2012-07-24 01:52

    According to the guide, you can manually pass database connectivity settings via the third parameter of $this->load->model:

    $config['hostname'] = "localhost";
    $config['username'] = "myusername";
    $config['password'] = "mypassword";
    $config['database'] = "mydatabase";
    $config['dbdriver'] = "mysql";
    $config['dbprefix'] = "";
    $config['pconnect'] = FALSE;
    $config['db_debug'] = TRUE;
    $this->load->model('Model_name', '', $config);
    // or as gorelative notes, to access multiple databases:
    $DB2 = $this->load->database($config, TRUE);
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