2011-09-12 15:24
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刷新父页面时请记住iFrame SRC

I have an intranet I am building, and am learning web languages as I go.

I have a basic html/php page that contains an iFrame, which most of my content is loaded into.

I also have a login box that is a popup modal within the main page. When you fill in this popup and hit login, it refreshes the main page, so that it knows you are logged in, and can display your name etc etc.

However, this means that the iframe SRC also resets to its default.

Is there a way to retain whatever the current SRC of the iframe is, when refreshing the parent page?

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我正在构建一个内部网,我正在学习网络语言。</ p> \ n

我有一个基本的html / php页面,其中包含一个iFrame,我的大部分内容都已加载到其中。</ p>

我还有一个登录框,它是一个弹出模式 主页。 当您填写此弹出窗口并点击登录时,它会刷新主页面,以便它知道您已登录,并可以显示您的姓名等。</ p>

但是, 这意味着iframe SRC也会重置为默认值。</ p>

刷新父页面时,有没有办法保留iframe的当前SRC?</ p> </ DIV>

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