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I would like to send an ajax command to a php script each time when a button is clicked. The divs are called r, l, t, b for the different directions. So far I have tried using the code below. But somehow it doesn't work. I have not a lot of experience in jquery and that's why I am asking here for a simple solution. I could write 4 times the same function but this is certainly not what I am looking for.


function control(id){
        type: "POST",
        url: "control.php",
        data: {id: "1"},
        success:  function(data){


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  • dongmian8108 2014-07-01 11:20

    It's hard to know exactly what you are asking, but basically you want a multipurpose click event for multiple divs.

    in jQuery, you can add multiple selectors by separating the selectors with commas like so:

    $('#id, .class, element')

    Here is an example that uses less code to provide the same functionality, if I understood your question correctly.

            $.post('control.php',{id: $(this).attr('id')},function(data){
                //handle data callback

    I used $.post instead of $.ajax , but bear in mind if you use the simpler methods like post, get, or getJSON, you will not be able to assign an error callback as far as I'm aware. Hopefully this changes in future releases of jQuery.

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