2016-11-04 08:53
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I already did this with external css. but when i tried to do with inline CSS it wont work.

Can i use inline css in mPdf while creating PDF? Guide me please.

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我已经使用外部css执行此操作。 但是当我尝试使用内联CSS时,它无法正常工作。

我可以在创建PDF时在 mPdf 中使用内联 css 吗? 请指导我。

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  • dongpu5600 2016-11-04 09:08

    According to the mPDF documentation, yes :

    The following are supported (in order of ascending priority - lower ones in list overwrite higher):

    • HTML attributes e.g. <div align="center"> (see supported HTML attributes)

    • CSS Stylesheets - included in header of HTML document or as <link /> or as @import()

      • html tags e.g. p { font-size:12pt; color:#880000; }
      • class e.g. .stylename { font-size:9pt; }
      • id e.g. #style { font-size:9pt; }
    • In-line CSS style e.g. <p style="font-family:monospace;">

    (Emphasis mine)

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