2019-05-20 15:05
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i'm trying to create an array of objects but its kinda hard for me to do it. Can you guys help me?

THis is what i have right now:

              $id_mercado = strip_tags($obj->idMercado);

                $sql    = "SELECT * FROM mercados WHERE id = $id_mercado";
                $stmt   = $pdo->prepare($sql);

               $row  = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
               $siglas = explode("
", $row->dicionario_familias_sigla);
               $significados = explode("
", $row->dicionario_familias_significado);

               class Dicionario{
                public $siglas;
                public $significados;

                $listaFiltros = new Dicionario(); 
                        $listaFiltros->siglas = $siglas;
                        $listaFiltros->significado = $significados; 

So siglas is

["EX", "RO", "DI", "OR", "VE"]

Significado is


the output i want is:

0: {sigla: "EX", significado: "Exoticos"} 
1: {sigla: "RO", significado: "Rosas"} 
2: {sigla: "DI", significado: "Diversos"} 
3: {sigla: "OR", significado: "Orquedeas"}
4: {sigla: "VE", significado: "Verdes"}


for($i = 0; count($significados)> $i; $i++){
                $listaFiltros[] = (object) array('sigla' => $siglas[$i], 
                                                 'significado' => $significados[$i]);
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  • doudinghan8319 2019-05-20 15:13

    I don't use PDO, but you can use the fields returned from your SELECT statement, populate the objects, and then push them to the array you want like this...

    $myArr = []; 
    $object = (object)[
        "sigla": $row->dicionario_familias_sigla,
        "significado": $row->dicionario_familias_significado
    array_push($myArr, $object);
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