2018-10-22 14:19
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I'm new to AWS. I created a DB and I am currently hosting the website right now. This is great!

The problem is that I don't know how to integrate my PHP files that I was using before the start of AWS.

My previous stack was: Angular, MyPHP, MySQL, Apache. Everything was running locally. So I was able to use the same IP for the database and to also run php files.

What I tried to do was upload the php files into the S3 bucket. This doesn't work. The website will only download the file and not execute.

So how would I implement the same fluid way of integrating PHP on AWS as I did on my local computer?

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我是AWS的新手。 我创建了一个数据库,我现在正在托管该网站。 这很棒!


我之前的堆栈是:Angular,MyPHP,MySQL,Apache。 一切都在本地运行。 所以我能够为数据库使用相同的IP并运行php文件。

我尝试做的是将php文件上传到S3存储桶。 这不起作用。 该网站只下载文件而不执行。


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  • doutao4938 2018-10-22 14:51

    If you want to do this on AWS you will need an EC2 instance to run your dynamic queries to the database. S3 will only host static files or programming which works on the client-side (JavaScript).

    If it is a basic website, you might want to consider LightSail

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