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I'm using Arch Linux os.

I have a container running a php project and I need to have gmp and curl extensions enabled.

My container is based from an Alpine image and I can install the extensions using docker exec {container-name} apk add php-gmp php-curl.

Then if I run docker exec {container-name} php -m to display my extensions the console prints gmp and curl. Great this is all good, I also have the extensions enabled in the php.ini file running inside the same container.

But if I go to a controller and return extension_loaded('gmp') it prints false!

What am I missing?

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  • dsgwdigu84950 2018-10-24 14:01

    Shout out to Jon Stirling for his answer.

    I needed to re-edit the Dockerfile to include the gmp and curl packages and then also had Dockerfile edit the php.ini config file to include the gmp and curl extensions as well.


    RUN apk add --no-cache \

    ...{all my other packages}...

    php-gpm \


    RUN sed -i 's/extension=gmp.$/extension=gmp/;s/extension=curl.$/extension=curl/;' /etc/php7/php.ini

    The last line uses the terminal tool 'sed -i' to replace any lines that match extension=gmp and extension=curl and replaces the whole line that they're on.

    This basically un-comments them from the php.ini file without having to copy a whole new php.ini file from the directory.

    After rebuilding the whole project using docker-compose build then starting everything up again extension_loaded('gmp') returned true!

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