2013-03-22 17:26
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使用backbone.js vs php mvc框架的好处[关闭]

I've been learning Codeigniter, and someone suggested I look into backbone.js instead. The issue is that I can't find an answer as to why I should use backbone instead of sticking with CS, or another php mvc framework like cakePHP. It seems that backbone is much more bulky, and the syncing with a database thing seems overly complex.

Can someone give some insight into why one would want to use backbone.js?

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我一直在学习Codeigniter,有人建议我查看backbone.js。 问题是我无法找到答案为什么我应该使用骨干而不是坚持CS,或像cakePHP这样的另一个php mvc框架。 似乎主干更笨重,与数据库事物的同步似乎过于复杂。


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  • doushu5805 2013-03-22 17:36

    You don't "sync" backbone with a database. Backbone provides a framework on which you can build a UI which will then interact with some other type of interface that talks to the db (like a php/java/.net/whatever app).

    Many people use a framework like CI to build that other interface/API.

    There even is a RESTful fork of CI for a purpose just like this.

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