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PHP - This is part of a Highchart configuration array that is returned by a PHP function (which is json_encoded)

'plotOptions' => array(
    'pie' => array(
        'allowPointSelect'  => TRUE,
        'cursor'            => 'pointer',
        'dataLabels'        => array(
            'enabled'           => TRUE,
            'color'             => '#000000',
            'connectorColor'    => '#000000',
            'formatter'         => "function() { return '<b>'+ +'</b>: '+ this.percentage +' %' }"

JavaScript - Accessing this information from the encoded data

// r.hc is the array that contains the highchart information above

The problem I'm having is:

Uncaught TypeError: Object function() { return '<b>'+ +'</b>: '+
this.percentage +' %' } has no method 'call'

How do I change this so it recognizes it as a function? Or is this even possible?

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  • doudieyou5209 doudieyou5209 8年前

    Executing javascript from a remote source is a bad idea as you can't trust it. However, if you must:

    The function included in the json is a string therefore you need to evaluate it:

     pie.dataLabels.formatter = eval('('+pie.dataLabels.formatter+')');

    for each method of the object that needs to be converted.

    However, as said at the start, there is almost certainly a solution that does not require you to fetch javascript in this way.

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  • duanping1632 duanping1632 8年前

    I've decided to only return series data for the pie highchart ... instead of the whole highchart configuration array ... plotOptions are now defined in javascript and not returned by a json_encoded PHP array ..

    I'm not too sure why I was doing that but thanks for all the help with eval!

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