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I am making a website for a school, the website is made with Wordpress.

The school has a local (server ?) made with ADFS where they can sign in. I have the need to have a page on the website called 'intranet' where if the user is singed in on the server of the school they should be auto-logged in on the website and see the files on that adfs server. The company responsible for this server will provide me with a link of some sort.

I have found a Wordpress Plugin called: SAML 2.0 single sign on.

But from my understanding this plugin is replacing the admin login with a single-sign-on, which is not really what i want to do (or do i?). There should be a separate login-form on a specific webpage only.

I have zero knowledge of ADFS, what i know about it is from wikipedia:

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS or AD FS), a software component developed by Microsoft, can run on Windows Server operating systems to provide users with single sign-on access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries.


My actual question: Since i don't have any knowledge in this matter, i would like to have some tips on how to start with this, what do i need to learn, and what do i have to google to learn relevant information about this? Maybe a little step-by-step guide to get me started? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, how is the user information handled? Do i need to have a ssl certificate or is that handled on the side of ADFS?

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我正在为一所学校建立一个网站,该网站是用 Wordpress </ code>制作的。 </ p>

学校有一个用 ADFS </ code>制作的本地(服务器?),他们可以登录。我需要在网站上有一个名为'intranet的页面 '如果用户在学校的服务器上签名,他们应该在网站上自动登录并查看该adfs服务器上的文件。 负责此服务器的公司将为我提供某种类型的链接。</ p>

我找到了一个Wordpress插件,名为: SAML 2.0单点登录</ code>。 </ p> / plugins / saml-20-single-sign-on / </ p>

但据我所知,这个插件正在用单点登录取代管理员登录,这不是 我真的想做什么(或者我呢?)。 在特定的网页上应该只有一个单独的登录表单。</ p>

我对 ADFS </ code>一无所知,我所知道的是来自维基百科:</ p>

Active Directory联合身份验证服务(ADFS或AD FS)是Microsoft开发的软件组件,可以在Windows Server上运行 系统运行,为用户提供单点登录 访问跨越组织边界的系统和 应用程序。</ p> </ blockquote>

问题</ strong> </ p>

我的 实际问题:由于我对这个问题没有任何了解,我想提供一些如何开始这方面的技巧,我需要学习什么,以及我需要谷歌学习相关信息? 也许是一个让我开始的一步一步的指南? 任何帮助将不胜感激!</ p>

此外,如何处理用户信息? 我是否需要 ssl certificate </ code>或者是在 ADFS </ code>一侧处理?</ p> </ div>

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