2011-11-01 17:07
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如何在PHP中基于URL下载图像? 卷曲?

I have used a input file code to upload image to my wallpaper site..

    <input type="file" name="img" id="img" />   

Is there anyway to select a image without selecting image entering URL to text box?

    <input name="img" type="text" id="img" value="" size="40" />  

I tried its not working...please help me! Anyway to enter image url to text box except select browse button and selecting image file? help me i tries in different ways... Is there anyway to user type="text" excepts type="file" so We can enter image url in that text box and upload?

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  • douduxia1551 2011-11-01 17:09

    With that <input> you then have to tell your PHP code to go and download that file e.g.

    if (!empty($_POST['img'])) {

    However doing so opens you up to some potential security issues, so be careful!

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