2015-02-05 09:59
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I have a REST webservice using Codeigniter and using this lib :

I want to generate documentation for this web service. I look to use Swagger UI to generate this documentation. But, I didn't find any documentation how to use Swagger with Codeigniter.

The only project using this two technologies is this one, but don't have a good documentation :

Can someone paste an example using this two technologies or give me a link to a good documentation ? Of course, if there is another good lib to generate documentation, I'll take it if it's usable with Codeigniter.

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我有一个使用Codeigniter并使用此lib的REST Web服务:

我想为此网站生成文档 服务。 我希望使用Swagger UI来生成此文档。 但是,我没有找到任何关于如何将Swagger与Codeigniter一起使用的文档。


有人可以使用这两种技术粘贴一个示例,或者给我一个良好文档的链接吗? 当然,如果有另一个好的库来生成文档,我会接受它,如果它可以与Codeigniter一起使用。 \ n

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  • doubo7131 2016-04-28 19:40

    In past projects I have used which I find pretty easy to use and straightforward to generate from in multiple environments. It took me like 15-20 minutes to get going and looking how I wanted with it having npm already installed. This one doesn't really care about directory or code structure, just your supplied info in the doc blocks.

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