2011-03-04 18:38
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Actually there are two questions:

  1. is there a way to recursively pick up all GetText strings in current directory and all child dirs programmatically (using exec maybe or some)?
  2. after i passed through the files within xgettext i got warning such as ... internationalized messages should not contain the `

So how to force xgettext to delete , , \t etc. automatically when string is found to avoid mentioned error so .PO file would be friendly formatted?

Thanks for coming links and advices :)

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  1. 在那里 一种以递归方式在当前目录和所有子目录中以递归方式获取所有子目录的方法(使用 exec 可能或某些)?
  2. 在我通过 xgettext 我收到警告,例如...... 国际化消息不应包含`

    所以 当找到字符串以避免提到的错误时,如何强制xgettext自动删除 , ,\ t等等。所以.PO文件格式友好?

    感谢即将到来的链接和 建议:)

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