2014-03-20 22:34
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I am using a now() code to enter just a date into the database. The date appears as Year/Month/Day (yyyy/mm/dd).

In my PHP code I have been using:


to recall the date on my site, I was wondering, instead of the date all showing at once, is there a way to add a separate value for day, month and year? So I could recall 'day' separate and so forth? Obviously without changing the database to have 3 different inputs, there must be an easier way? I am fairly new to PHP and MySQL so if someone could help me out with an example that would be handy! Thanks.

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  • dongwei1921
    dongwei1921 2014-03-20 22:47

    PHP has a very powerful function called strtotime() that intuitively converts next to any datestamp into a UNIX-based timestamp, which you can then format any way you want.

    $news_timestamp = strtotime($row['news_date']);

    Now you can use PHP's date() function to output this timestamp in all sorts of ways.

    print 'Today is day number '.date('d', $news_timestamp); // 20
    print 'The month is '.date('F', $news_timestamp); // March
    print 'Post timestamp: '.date('l, F d, Y @ h:ia', $news_timestamp); // Thursday, March 20, 2014 @ 03:46pm
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