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I have a project in which I want to generate upload widgets for different folders automatically (and by that I mean I want to generate them from my application, and not to go each time on website and manually click on the generate embeded widget code). Let me explain a bit: so, presume I have 1 account from which I want my users to interact with I am working in a PHP environment, and I easily get my access token and my refresh token. I managed to comply a small library of cUrl requests for a simple file-handling process, but I recently saw that you can do it by widgets generated from The view/download widget is easy to generate for certain folders, but I'm having trouble with the upload widget. I need to access website and manually click some links to generate an uploading script.

Can I do it without manually clicking on links on the

This is an example of generated upload widget from


When I looked a bit inside that script, I saw that it uses the V1 uploading api, and not the V2 api.

As final questions: How can I generate that token from within the script to actually map onto my folder id element? Is there any default token that goes with any folder id I might use?

EDIT: I guess I found my answer here, though it's not for a long time:

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    duanmu2013 duanmu2013 2013-08-27 19:59

    You can make the same request in V2:

    curl \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" \ -d '{"folder_upload_email": {"access": "open"}}' \ -X PUT

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