2018-10-03 02:18

yajra / laravel-datatables搜索不适用于laravel 5.7


Here is join code and assign Datatables

  $query = DB::table('producto as e')
         ->select('e.cod_producto', 'e.nom_producto', 'e.precio_venta', 'd.nombre as nombre_marca', 'j.nombre as nombre_tipo', DB::raw('if(e.estado = 0,\'Activo\',\'Eliminado\') as estado'))
         ->join('marca as d','e.cod_marca', '=', 'd.cod_marca')
         ->join('tipo-producto as j', 'e.cod_tipo_producto', '=', 'j.cod_tipo_producto');

    return datatables()


Here is jQuery code

      "bAutoWidth": false,
       "destroy": true,
       "responsive": true,
       "columnDefs": [ {
         "targets": 'no-sort',
         "orderable": false,
         "searchable": false,
         {data: 'cod_producto'},
         {data: 'nom_producto'},
         {data: 'precio_venta'},
         {data: 'nombre_marca'},
         {data: 'nombre_tipo'},
         {data: 'estado'},
         {data: 'btn'},

Now when i try to search something it is giving me alert with error Here is an error message

Exception Message:↵↵SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1583 Incorrect parameters in the call to native function 'LOWER' (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from (select '1' as row_count from producto as e inner join marca as d on e.cod_marca = d.cod_marca inner join tipo-producto as j on e.cod_tipo_producto = j.cod_tipo_producto where (LOWER(producto as e.cod_producto) LIKE %1% or LOWER(producto as e.nom_producto) LIKE %1% or LOWER(producto as e.precio_venta) LIKE %1% or LOWER(marca.nombre) LIKE %1% or LOWER(tipo-producto.nombre) LIKE %1% or LOWER(producto as e.estado) LIKE %1%)) count_row_table)

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  • douwuli4512 douwuli4512 3年前

    Set your Datatable columns name base on your join data field from your query

    Here is the sample

         {data: 'cod_producto', name:'e.code_product'},
         {data: 'nom_producto', name:'e.nom_producto'},
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