2014-08-23 07:34

Jenkins Ant同时在多个远程服务器上部署/发布

  • git
  • ant
  • jenkins
  • php

i try to solve the case where i need to make a PHP release on multiple remote Server nodes at the same time.

We got a Jenkins server wich does the following steps in his build (ant) script:

  • Git Checkout
  • PHP QA Tools Check (like PHPUnit, phpmd etc.)
  • Do some other tests

After everything is OK i want to deploy the sources to 3(later maybe more) remote Servers. After everything is pushed to the Webnodes i want to execute a symlink change on all 3 nodes at the same time.

Sounds kind of impossible to me, but i hoped that i get a solution somewhere here, but i didn't found anything that helps.

So hopefully someone here got a good idea or some experience to share.



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