2014-01-22 13:36
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how to rename wp-login.php, wp-admin.php and wp-folder on wordpress? I want to remove all the wp prefixes from everywhere on my website please help.

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如何在wordpress上重命名wp-login.php,wp-admin.php和wp-folder? 我想从我的网站上的任何地方删除所有wp前缀,请帮忙。

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  • dtvam48220 2014-01-22 14:29

    It is not healthy to rename them. If you mean renamie on url with renaming, you can do that with url rewrite, but this is also not an easy stuff. As a different way, I suggest you to use a plugin for doing your work. This plugin is called All In One Seo Pack. You can convert your url structure in different format. This plugin makes your urls SEO friendly

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