2010-01-21 12:39



I am trying to find a PHP script (or a script in a different language) that after passing a URL, it takes a screenshot of the website for that URL. So for example if I pass, it should take a screen shot of the website (in this case the homepage), keep it on the server, and provide a link to that pic.

Is there an easy way to do that?

I know it is possible because that's how they take thumbnails for websites in Alexa for example.

If you need more explanation of what I mean please just post a comment and I will explain more.

Thank you :)

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  • dongmimeng5500 dongmimeng5500 11年前
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  • doumeinuoye81969 doumeinuoye81969 6年前

    Google page speed insight Api provide thumbnail size screenshot,

    I have coded example here (for PHP),

    hope it helps

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  • dongtuo6562 dongtuo6562 11年前

    Browsershots normally has their backend source code available, but as of this answer, it appears to be offline at the moment. There is an outdated mirror on Github which you can look at.

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  • douxun2018 douxun2018 11年前

    Something like Litmus?

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  • duanfei1987 duanfei1987 11年前

    Start a Browser (like system("firefox [url]")), run a screengrabber for that window and save the image somewhere.

    Since the output is always depending on the render engine used it is not possible by using php alone.

    Other option would be to embed a rendering engine (Gecko or similar) into your php script.

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  • dream3323 dream3323 11年前

    You can use service or Both of these will generate screenshot of a page. You can then download the screenshot and use it in a way you need to.

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