2011-12-12 10:47

在Facebook应用程序上。 我可以用不同的100.000 access_tokens片刻发布100.000个帖子吗?


Can i post 100.000 wall post in a moment with different 100.000 access_tokens? or is there a top limit? How can i post at the same time with different access tokens I am begining a new project. I have to consider condition while user number is 100.000 not intent using it as spam. Thanks in advance.

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  • duanji1043 duanji1043 10年前

    Even if you are not intending it to be spam facebook very well might see it as spam. I suggest, rather than sending out hundreds of thousands of posts at once, set up a cron job to send smaller chunks of posts to your users.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no limit - but as i said, faecbook have many mechanisms to detect suspicious behavior and you might trigger one when your app is found to be sending out so many posts.

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