2014-03-22 12:06



Just started working with CodeIgniter this week and am encountering a weird issue that has me stumped. Whenever there are any database related errors encountered in my application I just get a 500 internal server error page. I get PHP errors for everything else, the only errors I have noticed that I get this behavior on are database related.

Two examples of this behavior:

  1. I noticed this first when tried to query a database using a string for criteria to evaluate an integer field
  2. Noticed this when I tried to create a database object using a reference to a database that hadn't been defined yet in database.php.

I have CodeIgniter running an IIS server and I am using a SQL Server for the database. I can get the application to access the database, it's just when there are errors I can't get an error message, just a 500 page.

Here are the things I've verified so far:

  1. db_debug is set to TRUE in database.php.
  2. In index.php the environment is set to development.
  3. In php.ini display_errors is set to On.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, not sure what else to check.

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  • dongyimeng3764 dongyimeng3764 7年前

    Ended up finding out that the problem was that I didn't have the appropriate user permissions assigned to the directory that Code Igniter was trying to write log files to. After fixing this, I do not seem to be having the same issue. I now just get an error message with information on the database error instead.

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