2016-12-08 19:41
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php-win.exe - 找不到入口点

I was trying to install PECL package in my Localhost WampServer64. After pasting all .DLL files in specific location and adding "extension=php_ssh2.dll" in php.ini as It was written in the installation steps. Check the image below.

Thank you

enter image description here

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我试图在我的Localhost WampServer64中安装PECL包。 粘贴特定位置的所有.DLL文件并在php.ini中添加“extension = php_ssh2.dll”,因为它是在安装步骤中编写的。 请查看下面的图片。



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  • douwei8911 2016-12-08 23:43

    From the Shining Light Productions Web site

    August 29, 2016 - OpenSSL 1.1.0 is quite different from previous releases. Developers need to recompile their software to support 1.1.0. See the official OpenSSL release strategy document for more details.

    What this basically means to those of us using Windows is that we have to wait until the PHP guys upgrade PHP and compile it with the new openssl 1.1.0 to be compatible with the new openssl 1.1 and its new functions and more importantly its new internal code and dll structure.

    Install the latest openssl 1.0.2 release of openssl from here if you dont have another source and all should work as normal.

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