2016-11-19 09:20
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Codeigniter缓存网页与数据库。 什么是干涉?

Now I just starting using codeigniter as framework. I have a lot of data will be saved on database. I read more on caching system of codeigniter. And I found that there is two types of caching on it DATABASE CACHING & WEB PAGE CACHING. My Question here is, When must I use database caching ? And when must I use web-page caching?

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  • douao2019 2016-11-19 10:13

    Let me put a quote from the docs,

    Unfortunately there is no single answer to the question of whether you should cache your database. It really depends on your situation.

    That also aligns with my suggestion to you. Look at both, Database Caching and Web Page Caching as two mechanisms on your disposal when there's a specific performance problem to solve. Then consider them both, how they fit in and base your pick on that.

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