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Symfony 4 EasyAdmin - 在树枝模板中渲染关联数据类型

Using EasyAdmin in my Symfony 4 app.

Working on show view for the User entity.

I want to display all my related (1-many) entities in the show view for User as lists I can style.

The default template for this datatype is @EasyAdmin/default/field_association.html.twig.

How can I reference a list of entities for the user (Bookings, Assessment etc).

I have tried adding {{ entity.assessments }} the user_show.html.twig but I get error:

Object of class Doctrine\ORM\PersistentCollection could not be converted to string

How can I render these related (associated) entities in this twig template?

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    dtr32221 dtr32221 2019-01-13 05:45

    Try to iterate your array collection:

        {% for item in entity.assessments %}
            <li>{{ item.name }}</li>
        {% endfor %}
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