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EasyPhp和Netbeans - 如何配置项目以正常运行.php-s

I have the following problem: screen image

The NetBeans project configure to use the localhost ( but if I want to only the Alapok.php file run in the browser (,however it not possible! Because the browser always invites the index.php or that page that you see on the screen image. How can I aim that only the Alapok.php run in the browser, and don't the index.php?

I use the newest NetBeans IDE and EasyPhp.

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NetBeans项目配置为使用localhost ( /)但如果我只想在浏览器中运行Alapok.php文件 (,但不可能! 因为浏览器总是邀请你在屏幕图像上看到的index.php 或那个页面。 我如何只能在浏览器中运行Alapok.php,而不是索引。 php?

我使用最新的NetBeans IDE和EasyPhp。

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