2017-06-09 15:32
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I have got a problem with converting MongoDb cursor to array using PHP. I have 40 000 rows and it takes about 40 seconds to convert it but only 19 miliseconds to get it from mongo. Is there any option to make it faster?

I tried Cursor->getArray and iterator_to_array and it take huge amount of time to complete it. My data in MongoDb has got maximum four nestings, do You think that reducing the nesting could reduce converting time ?

Thank You in advance!

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  • dongyan5706 2017-06-12 01:09

    Copying and reifying 40,000 rows into a PHP array takes a lot of memory and time. You should refactor your code to not use arrays, but the provided 'cursor' iterator if possible.

    The iterator will iterate over each of the documents in a collection that match the query (arguments to find()). Each document is brought in similar to the way a json object is (bson, Mongo's storage format, being inspired by json), which is an PHP array.

    If you wanted to access an internal array in the document for each document matched.

    $cursor = $collection->find();
    foreach ($cursor as $doc) {
         echo $doc["inner_array"] . "
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