2014-11-25 10:20
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从PHP应用程序使用Google云端存储(不在App Engine上托管)

I'm using Google Cloud Storage for media. My website is stored elsewhere. I want to serve medias for client users (through web browser), but I don't want to use public images (I want "keys"). I think it's possible on app engine (building URL), but my question is:

Is it possible to build URL to Google Cloud Storage stored medias from another server with PHP ? Or is there an API for calling Google Cloud Storage if my site is not on App Engine ?

Hope it's clear enough. Sorry, I did not found answer (I'm a new user).

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我正在使用Google Cloud Storage进行媒体播放。 我的网站存储在其他地方。 我想为客户端用户提供媒体服务(通过网络浏览器),但我不想使用公共图像(我想要“密钥”)。 我认为可以在app引擎(构建URL)上使用,但我的问题是:

是否可以使用PHP从其他服务器构建到Google Cloud Storage存储媒体的URL? 或者如果我的网站不在App Engine上,是否有用于调用Google云端存储的API?

希望它足够清晰。 对不起,我没有找到答案(我是新用户)。

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  • dongshi4773 2014-11-25 16:38

    Yes, the google-api-php-client library can be used outside of AppEngine. There is a PHP Example Tutorial to help you get started.

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