2014-07-18 08:04
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Am I on the wrong path here?

I have a ajax call to upload some files.

I then create a array on the PHP side and send it back as JSON. But im not sure if the JSON format is correct.

Problem is I want to populate a dataTable with the returned JSON data, but I having difficulty reading the data. If its a single file then its fine and it works, but as soon as its more than one file


        $stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM {$table} WHERE uuid = :id");
        $stmt->execute(array(":id" => $id));
        $row = $stmt->fetch();
        $json = array();

        $json[] = $row;
        echo json_encode($json);

on the JQuery/AJAX call side

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#myfiles').on("change", function() {
        var myfiles = document.getElementById("myfiles");
        var files = myfiles.files;
        var data = new FormData();

        for (i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
            data.append('file' + i, files[i]);

            url: './inc/MediaScripts.php',
            type: 'POST',
            contentType: false,
            data: data,
            processData: false,
            cache: false
        }).done(function(html) {

            var t = $('#vidlib_dtable').DataTable();
            var obj = eval(html);
            $.each(obj, function(key,value) {
                t.row.add( [
                ] ).draw();


The original return has more columns, hence the above columns in the dataTable add.

The return looks like multiple (singular) JSON arrays.

[{"uuid":"236","name":"Koala.jpg"}] [{"uuid":"237","name":"Lighthouse.jpg"}]

I was wondering if it should not take the shape of something like this

[{"uuid":"236","name":"Koala.jpg"}, {"uuid":"237","name":"Lighthouse.jpg"}]

If the format that I receive the data in is fine, how do I go about looping trhough the multiple arrays on the JQuery side?

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  • douren6035 2014-07-18 08:44

    That's because you are echo'ing 3 different JSON object arrays. Each time your loop iterates you echo, the loop then re-creates the array and echo's the new JSON array.

    $json = array();
    //forloop{ START
        $stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM {$table} WHERE uuid = :id");
        $stmt->execute(array(":id" => $id));
        $row = $stmt->fetch();
        array_push($json, $row);
    //} END
    echo json_encode($json);

    Initialize your array before the loop, and echo it after it's been fully created.

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