2012-09-05 01:08

有没有执行sql的函数? 具体是CakeSchema生成的sql?


Is there a function that executes mysql? Specifically mysql generated by the CakeSchema?

This is an example of the data I want to import:

    $this->Schema = new CakeSchema();
    $Schema = $this->Schema->load();
    $db = ConnectionManager::getDataSource($this->Schema->connection);
    $contents = "

" . $db->createSchema($Schema);
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  • dor65412 dor65412 9年前

    If it's actually MySQL, then just use query()

    $this->MyModel->query("CREATE TABLE ....");

    Because it likely doesn't really fit with one of your models, you can always make a "DataFunction" model and tell it to $useTable = false;... then store any/all of these kind of "general" functions there. Then load the model and call your function from whatever action you'd like.

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