2013-01-06 18:55
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在wordpress中创建ajax调用。 我需要包括什么才能访问wordpress功能

I am performing an jquery ajax request inside my wordpress. This calls an internal php script. This php script needs to be able to access certain wordpress features like... functions.php which is simple for me to include. What i cant do is access info like the current wordpress user, the $wpdb object. My question is... is there some wordpress file which i can include which gives me access to all that data (and functions.php). I hope you understand what i am accessing as i am aware that was probably THE crappest explaination in the world :D

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我在wordpress中执行jquery ajax请求。 这需要一个内部的PHP脚本。 这个PHP脚本需要能够访问某些wordpress功能,如... functions.php 这对我来说很简单。 我不能做的是访问当前wordpress用户的信息, $ wpdb对象。 我的问题是...是否有一些wordpress文件,我可以包含它,让我可以访问所有数据(和functions.php)。 我希望你明白我正在访问的内容,因为我知道 可能是世界上最彻底的解释 :D

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