2013-01-14 22:27

MAC Excel使用什么编码?

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I have a client that wants to export a .csv to the server where it will be parsed by PHP in order to generate a table with its data. I'm using iconv to convert to the appropriate encoding (UTF-8). Unfortunately I'm a on Windows, so I don't know what the source encoding is.

What encoding would MAC Excel use to generate a .csv? I've tried so many different combinations, but none work on the french accents, which are - as far as I know - not arranged the same way in the MAC's charset as in UTF-8

For example:

The correct display should be: 'Délégation'

Most types of encoding (including using utf8_encode()) gives: 'DÈlÈgation'

macintosh to UTF-8 gives: 'D»l»gation'

If I open the .csv file - that was saved from MAC - on my PC, I see the french 'é' accents as 'È', so is there a possibility that saving the file onto my computer (or server) forces the file directly to UTF-8 so now the 'È' are the direct values of the characters, instead of an UTF-8 encoding misinterpretation?

Hex Dump

Using bin2hex(), the hex dump for the string: 'DÈlÈgation 1' is: 44c86cc8676174696f6e2031

-- in fact, I'm assuming that it's DÈlÈgation and not Délégation because if I open the .csv file in notepad (on my PC), it shows it up as È and not é.

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