2017-09-20 17:30
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In WoCommerce, I would like to disable particular payment methods and show particular payment methods for a subscription products in WooCommerce (and vice versa).

This is the closest thing we've found but doesn't do what I am expecting.

Yes, there are plugins that will do this but we want to achieve this without using another plugin and without making our stylesheet any more nightmarish than it already is.

Any help on this please?

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在WoCommerce中,我想禁用特定的付款方式,并在WooCommerce中显示订阅产品的特定付款方式(和 反之亦然)。

是我们发现的最接近的事情 但是没有做我期待的事情。

是的,有插件可以做到这一点,但是我们希望在不使用其他插件的情况下实现这一点,并且不会使我们的样式表变得比它更噩梦 已经是。


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