Behat Mink webdriver会话在套件中的每个功能之后被销毁

I am trying to automate sugarcrm functionality with behat BDD and Mink with selenium webdriver for php. I have properly installed both of them and able to run behat and mink together. for example checking login on sugarcrm as one feature.

Now the problem is when i create two feature file say login.feature and setup.feature. Behat successfully automate login process in browser but as soon as it switches to setup.feature which require login session to be maintained from previous feature, it destroy session and comes back to login window. therefore, second feature test is always failing.

How i can maintain session for every feature in my feature suite?

Just to tell you guys that i have also tried them in a single feature file as different scenario but with no luck as the same thing is haapening

Please Help me if anyone knows about it.

2012/09/27 05:17
  • selenium
  • webdriver
  • php
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