2015-08-06 17:47
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在Windows 10上启动Wamp

I was using Wamp server on my Windows 7 pc behind me. It was working fine. I then installed Windows 10, Wamp started but was orange and could not start apache. I then reinstalled the latest Wamp in the hope to fix it however now it gives me an error when I try to launch it:

The configuration file contains an error on line 325: [EParseError] Parameter "Service" specifies an unknown server.

I can use Xampp but I have gotten used to Wamp so if someone knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

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我在我身后的Windows 7电脑上使用Wamp服务器。 它工作正常。 然后我安装了Windows 10,Wamp启动但是是橙色的,无法启动apache。 然后我重新安装了最新的Wamp,希望能够修复它,但是当我尝试启动它时它会给我一个错误:

配置文件在第325行包含错误:[EParseError] 参数“服务”指定一个未知的服务器。

我可以使用Xampp,但我已经习惯了Wamp,所以如果有人知道如何解决这个问题我会非常感激。 \ n

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  • douyi8732 2015-08-06 18:04

    So it turns out that Windows 10 uses port 80 by default. Forgetting that wamp is really badly written and can't install over itself you need to simply change the port it is running on. Hope it helps anyone else having this problem.

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