2016-02-17 15:03
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When I run a script on Windows using PHP 5.6 (coming from WampServer 2.4) I get this confusing result:

$binary = PHP_BINARY;  // $binary: "C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.6.15\php.exe"
$bindir = PHP_BINDIR;  // $bindir: "C:\php"

PHP_BINARY is correct but PHP_BINDIR is completely wrong. Is the latter variable deprecated or something? Any other ideas why it would output some random path that doesn't even exist on my disk?

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当我使用PHP 5.6在Windows上运行脚本时(来自 WampServer 2.4 )我得到了这个令人困惑的结果:

  $ binary = PHP_BINARY;  // $ binary:“C:\ wamp \ bin \ php \ php5.6.15 \ php.exe”
 $ bindir = PHP_BINDIR;  // $ bindir:“C:\ php”

PHP_BINARY 是正确的但是 PHP_BINDIR 是完全错误的 。 后一个变量是否已被弃用? 任何其他的想法,为什么它会输出一些甚至不存在于我的磁盘上的随机路径?

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  • dounao2829 2016-02-17 15:13

    PHP_BINARY is a value set on runtime (when the script is executed)

    PHP_BINDIR is a value set on compile time, not on runtime.

    The path is set to the prefix used in configure (Linux equivalent: ./configure --prefix <path>). The default path on windows is C:\php. You cannot change it without recompiling PHP.

    To get the path, you should trail down PHP_BINARY.

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