duanqiao1961 2012-03-08 04:33
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I'm setting up a realtime app that will be using socket.io. There's currently some core functionally in php, that utilizes memcache and mysql backend.

Would it make sense in the socket.io server to do an ajax request (if that's even possible) to the php page that handles this? There's a lot of MySQL querying, I know it can be done in node.js, but I'd rather keep this part abstracted in php if possible.

So, my question is, is that a proper thing to do? Call a php page from within the socket.io server to then return to the client?


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  • duan0714 2012-03-08 04:55

    I don't see any problems with having your node.js app communicate with your PHP app by exposing a RESTful API or some PHP script that you can POST to or GET from your socket.io node.js server. There are plenty of npm modules (like request) that can make HTTP requests like that a breeze for you. After retrieving the data from PHP in your node app, you can use socket.io to emit() the data to the socket.io client on the frontend.

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