2013-09-16 10:56
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Twilio SMS消息未送达我的印度手机号码

I have downloaded the Twilio API (PHP) and I was able to invoke the sms_messages->create successfully. I have read the documentation more than three times and checked here also. However my messages are not getting delivered to my cellphone.

My PHP code looks like this.

    $sid = "AC02c3c69xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    $token = "f3c343716xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    $client = new Services_Twilio($sid, $token);
    $message = $client->account->sms_messages->create("+1404xxxxxxxxx","+919842xxxxxx", "hello good evening", array());
    echo $message->sid;

The response is given below.


The above code returns the message ID, but still now I have not received the message.

FYI - The message is to be delivered to India mobile and the parameter I have used is +91<10 digit mobile number>

Did I go wrong somewhere? Is my message queued or scheduled for later delivery?

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  • dsfdfd1211 2013-09-16 14:46

    Your code looks great! Unfortunately delivery to Indian mobile numbers from Twilio is tricky due to the high amounts of spam messages delivered to Indian mobile devices, and government regulations about what messages you can send and when. There is a handy guide here, that will help you ensure your messages get delivered to Indian phone numbers.

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