2015-06-17 10:01
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I have set up a database on a hosting site and want to connect it with my Android app. I am following this tutorial:

The tutorial doesn't say where you should save the Php files that are created, so where should I be saving them using the file manager in Cpanel? the current structure looks like this:

A image of folder structure

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我在托管网站上设置了一个数据库,并希望将其与我的Android应用程序连接。 我正在关注本教程: http:/ /

教程没有说明你应该保存在哪里 创建的Php文件,所以我应该在Cpanel中使用文件管理器保存它们? 当前结构如下所示:

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  • doulanli6146 2015-06-17 10:07

    php files must upload to "public_html" folder to view public.

    for example: if your domain is: you must create "index.php" file in "public_html" folder, so you can access that by: or

    read more, how using cpanel:

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  • dongzan9069 2015-06-17 10:05

    You need to upload your codes to the root folder, which in your case is public_html

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