2011-12-06 22:55
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在Dreamweaver CS5中调试PHP

is there an extension for dreamweaver cs5 that can support debugging?

I know there are other IDE's like netbeans that can accomplish that task, but I also do html/js and netbeans isn't particularly good for that.

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是否有一个可以支持调试的Dreamweaver cs5的扩展名?

I 知道有其他IDE可以完成这项任务,但我也做html / js和netbeans并不是特别好。

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  • dowdw44426 2011-12-06 23:03

    I beg to differ. Those IDEs are, in fact, way better at anything regarding HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

    I strongly recommend Zend Studio ($299) or Eclipse PDT (free). NetBeans is supposed to be an excellent IDE as well (just that I'm not familiar with it).

    Also, I use Firebug to debug my JavaScripts. It's amazing. Actually, many modern browsers come equipped with JavaScript debugging tools, surprisingly including Internet Explorer (I think only version 8 and above but IE7 might have it too...I don't remember).

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  • dongtang5057 2011-12-06 23:24

    I highly recommend Aptana Studio http://aptana.com/ I am using it for along long time and it helped me alot also use google chrome debugger by clicking F12 it is the best html/js debugger

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  • ds15812330851 2013-09-13 07:09

    I recommend you to use TSW WebCoder

    In TSW WebCoder go to the Debug menu and select Setup debugging. You will be presented with a wizard, which will walk you though the entire process of setting up debugging on your machine.

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