2017-09-18 14:18
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Paypal Rest API - 如何获取客户端ID和密码?

I am considering using implementing Paypal Rest API using using Omnipay: PayPal package - PayPal_Rest (Paypal Rest API).

Where do I ask client to find client ID and Secret Key from their PayPal account so they can enter on our backend in order to use Paypal Method for their eCommerce site?

I am even struggling to find one from my personal Paypal Account.

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我正在考虑使用 Omnipay:PayPal 包 - PayPal_Rest(Paypal Rest API)。</ p>

我在哪里要求客户找到客户ID和秘密 来自他们的PayPal账户的密钥,以便他们可以进入我们的后端,以便使用Paypal方法为他们的电子商务网站? </ p>

我甚至在努力从我的个人Paypal账户中找到一个。</ p> </ div>

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