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I am writing a php class to extract data from csv file. So I need help in regular expression.

data sample

Data test
Data         867$33@!.//()7
Field somthing

Regular Expression


This should not match line 1,2 and 7 because it have only space and tab (whitespace) after Data and Field

here is my regex tester link https://regex101.com/r/xpG25l/1/

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    doushe2513 doushe2513 2019-05-13 19:52

    You can do something like


    to require an \S (non white-space character) after any amount of \h (horizontal space).

    See your updated demo

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  • drd2551 drd2551 2019-05-13 19:52

    You could use a negative lookahead (?!\h*$) to assert what is on the right is not 0+ times a horizontal whitespace character \h* followed by the end of the string $


    Regex demo

    If you regex should start matching from the start of the string you can append ^ to the pattern to assert the start of the string.

    Or else in the string test Field somthing there will be a match for Field somthing

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