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How do I grab pieces of content from external websites and display them on my website? (Similar to what an RSS feed or other aggregator does).

For example, say I want to display items from another website's calendar:

Other website:

<h1>Here's our calendar:</h1>

<div class="calendar_item">
  <h2>Boston Marathon</h2>
  <p class="date">June 23, 2012</p>
  <p class="description">This marathon is 26.2 miles and lots of fun.</p>

<div class="calendar_item">    
  <h2>Irish Pub Crawl</h2>
  <p class="date">July 17, 2012</p>
  <p class="description">Shamrocks and green things are super-fun.</p>

<div class="calendar_item">
  <h2>Tim's Birthday</h2>
  <p class="date">August 25, 2012</p>
  <p class="description">It's Tim's birthday, yo.</p>

My website:

<h1>Here's a feed of some calendar items from someone else's website:</h1>

<div class="event_title">Boston Marathon</div>
<div class="event_date">June 23, 2012</div>
<div class="event_description">This marathon is 26.2 miles and lots of fun.</div>

<div class="event_title">Irish Pub Crawl</div>
<div class="event_date">July 17, 2012</div>
<div class="event_description">Shamrocks and green things are super-fun.</div>

<div class="event_title">Tim's Birthday</div>
<div class="event_date">August 25, 2012</div>
<div class="event_description">It's Tim's birthday, yo.</div>

Here's what I've tried (using MAMP):


$url = "";

$page = curl($url);

$pattern = '%




...which prints:

Array ( )

The tutorials/etc. I've viewed include ambiguous answers like "try cURL". This seems so simple, but I'm a stumped noob.

Thanks in advance, guys :)

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