2014-04-09 12:30
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I'm trying to play files in the web browser rather than downloading. The files are embedded using WordPress

    [video width="250" height="140" m4v=""][/video]

I would like to use the link Link to Video for email marketing purposes. When the link is opened, the web browser downloads the file rather than playing. However, i would prefer if the video was played in the web browser!

Is this possible?

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我正在尝试在网络浏览器中播放文件而不是下载。 使用WordPress嵌入文件

  [video width =“250”height =“140”m4v =“  /uploads/2014/02/Will-Aid-2013-Case-Study.m4v"][/video]

我想使用链接视频链接 用于电子邮件营销。 打开链接时,Web浏览器会下载文件而不是播放。 但是,我更喜欢视频是在网络浏览器中播放的!


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  • douwan2664 2014-04-09 14:42

    You need to add MIME/TYPE for video/mp4 and video/x-m4v on your server where the m4v file is hosted. You can read here section "MIME Types Rear Their Ugly Head" on how to do this.

    Your URL indicates Content-Type: text/plain in the response header hence the prompt to download.

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