duanbi5906 2016-06-01 16:55
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I have inherited a custom wordpress theme and am doing a few changes to it (all cosmetics of changing city names, etc) , but at the bottom of a post I get the error : "Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_meta()"

In my functions.php I have this:

function bardetails(){
    $web = get_meta('web');
    $email = get_meta('email');

I have a Java background but am new to php and wordpress. I dont see anywhere else this function is called, but must be tied to a post.

Have looked and can find a lot of problems about "get_post_meta()" and "meta()" but nothing about this. It also seems to be working on the other site the theme is on. I used FTP to pull over everything and all the other parts of the site seem to work fine. Looked at the database for something that could help with no luck, and also have tried to find if this is some kind of library, as the intention of the function is clear and thats to grab the website/email of the post.

So is this just a straight custom function? And if so were should it be defined in a php/wordpress setup?

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  • dongpo4197 2016-06-06 21:17

    It was due to a plugin that was not installed. "More Fields" By Henrik Melin, Kal Ström is a seemingly defunct plugin that was needed that allows you to use "get_meta()". For now, I just copied over the plugin but seems like I need to find an alternative going forward.

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