2013-02-21 07:13
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Is there an API for converting word files to HTML without losing the format?

Can the google documents API be used for this?

I tried saaspose but the returning result is always a server error.

Solutions that did not work for me:

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是否有用于将Word文件转换为HTML而不会丢失格式的API? < p>谷歌文件API可以用于此吗?


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  • douqiaolong0528 2013-11-01 02:20

    I've spent a bit of time loking into this, and the best solution that I've found was to install unoconv on the server, and using PHP to interface with it through system calls.

    I would have loved to find a good native PHP solution for this, but unfortunately I couldn't.

    Edit Since originally answering this, I've come across a web service which presents an API for converting documents. I haven't tested it very thoroughly but it does seem to produce decent results at converting Word to HTML: CloudConvert.

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