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使用paypal rest API退款用户

I'm developping a web application on which I allow the users to buy a ticket for an event. I used the Paypal Rest API for sending money and purchasing the tickets.Everything is working just fine. Now I'm trying to use the refund method to refund all users related to an event when this event will be cancelled. Looking in the REST API documentation I found that there is a way to refund but when I search in the REST API package for laravel I haven't found how to refund or use the refund method. Does rest-api-sdk-php doesn't support the refund method? And if yes how to use it in laravel project? PS: the payment are done without a credit card.I use just the paypal acount with sandbox. --edit-- I get this result when trying the refund code of the rest api:

{"name":"TRANSACTION_REFUSED","message":"The request was refused.{0}","information_link":"","debug_id":"97f33dd89f4c8"}

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我正在开发一个Web应用程序,我允许用户为活动购买机票。 我使用 Paypal Rest API 来汇款和购买门票。一切正常。 现在,我正在尝试使用退款方式退还与此活动相关的所有用户。 查看REST API文档,我发现有一种方法可以退款,但是当我在REST API包中搜索 laravel 时,我还没有找到如何退款或使用退款方法。 rest-api-sdk-php 不支持退款方式吗? 如果是,如何在laravel项目中使用它? PS:付款是在没有信用卡的情况下完成的。我只使用带有沙盒的paypal帐户。 - 编辑 - 我在尝试退款代码时得到此结果 rest api:

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