2012-11-27 11:12
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json_decode返回NULL,UTF-8 BOM

I want to decode the JSON data and store it in to an array using json_decode function but it's return NULL Value. I think it's because of UTF-8 BOM. Any Solution ? Im using Windows7 OS with xampp. I set my Encoding to

header('Content-type:application/json; charset=utf-8');



JSON Error: Control character error, possibly incorrectly encoded

 $json_errors = array(
     JSON_ERROR_NONE => 'No error has occurred',
     JSON_ERROR_DEPTH => 'The maximum stack depth has been exceeded',
     JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR => 'Control character error, possibly incorrectly encoded',
     JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX => 'Syntax error',
    echo 'Last error : ', $json_errors[json_last_error()], PHP_EOL, PHP_EOL;

IF I Parse this JSON, No error Occured


The Only difference is Im storing string data in to movie_id and link_id . Why this happened ?

JSON Data Bin2Hex() 7b22636f6d6d616e64223a2245313031222c226d6f7669655f6964223a226d6f7669655f6964222c226c696e6b5f6964223a226c696e6b5f6964227d00000000

Im Encrypting the JSON data and via client side, im decrypting at the server side.

Here goes my Encryption function

    public function ajax_enc($data){

    $vector = "myvector";
    $filter = new Zend_Filter_Encrypt(array('adapter' => 'mcrypt', 'key' => $this->_AJAXKEY));
    $encrypted = $filter->filter($data);
    // bin2hex for user use case     
    return bin2hex($encrypted); // rawurlencode(..) works



public function ajax_dec($data)
$vector = "myvector";
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Decrypt(array('adapter' => 'mcrypt', 'key' => $this->_AJAXKEY ));
$decoded = pack('H*', $data);
$decrypted = $filter->filter($decoded);
return $decrypted;
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  • dongsheng1238 2012-11-27 13:50

    Your decryption has apparently left a bunch of padding NUL bytes at the end of the string.

    Either fix your decryption mechanism or trim them: trim($json, "\x0")

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  • dstt1818 2019-08-02 23:09

    To remove  do:

    $json_raw_str = ltrim($json_raw_str, chr(239).chr(187).chr(191));

    Why? Because Byte_order_mark 239 187 191 is the decimal representation of  and ltrim remove them from the begining of the string.

    After this do:

    $data = json_decode($json_raw_str);
    // be fun :)
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