Lamp 问题的解答

Problem Description
There are several switches and lamps in the room, however, the connections between them are very complicated. One lamp may be controlled by several switches, and one switch may controls at most two lamps. And what’s more, some connections are reversed by mistake, so it’s possible that some lamp is lighted when its corresponding switch is “OFF”!

To make things easier, we number all the lamps from 1 to N, and all the switches 1 to M. For each lamps, we give a list of switches controlling it. For example, for Lamp 1, the list is “1 ON 3 OFF 9 ON”, that means Lamp 1 will be lighted if the Switch 1 is at the “ON” state OR the Switch 3 is “OFF” OR the Switch 9 is “ON”.

Now you are requested to turn on or off the switches to make all the lamps lighted.

There are several test cases in the input. The first line of each test case contains N and M (1 <= N,M <= 500), then N lines follow, each indicating one lamp. Each line begins with a number K, indicating the number of switches controlling this lamp, then K pairs of “x ON” or “x OFF” follow.

Output one line for each test case, each contains M strings “ON” or “OFF”, indicating the corresponding state of the switches. For the solution may be not unique, any correct answer will be OK. If there are no solutions, output “-1” instead.

Sample Input
2 2
2 1 ON 2 ON
1 1 OFF
2 1
1 1 ON
1 1 OFF

Sample Output

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