2013-07-30 12:28
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I recently reconfigured my server to use Lighttpd+PHP5-FPM. I have almost the same configuration on my localhost (using CGI on Windows, while ubuntu on the server). I have an AJAX request to a page that usually takes around 1.5 minutes, on server I keep receiving "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" while the same script (same arguments etc) gives the expected JSON response.

The php timeout is set, no error is given, on Lighty debug log I can see that after the expected time the response is given, but the browser stops after 1 minute, 30 seconds before the real response.

Any ideas?

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我最近重新配置了我的服务器以使用Lighttpd + PHP5-FPM。 我在localhost上的配置几乎相同(在Windows上使用CGI,在服务器上使用ubuntu)。 我对页面的AJAX请求通常需要大约1.5分钟,在服务器上我一直收到“ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”,而相同的脚本(相同的参数等)给出了预期的JSON响应。



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  • dongsi5381 2013-07-31 01:38

    Since I'm using ELB from AWS, it has a timeout of 60 seconds. I found out that it can be requested to update the timeout to up to 17 minutes, but there is no way to do that directly on manager console.

    Source: Elastic Load Balancer: HTTP Connections time out after 60 seconds.

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